Ascension Results

World’s Best Wrestling returned to Adams County on Saturday September 20, 2014 at the Oliver School in West Union, OH as they presented WBW: Ascension. The night was full of action. If you weren’t there here is what you missed…….

The night kicked off when Wrestle Ohio’s, Sara Stricklett & The Mastermind came out to the ring to address the crowd, that they were there to prove that they were there for WBW and the fans. Sara announced that she would be the ring announcer for the evening and that The Mastermind would be the referee, they assured everyone that he would call every match right down the middle. Sara then announced that there would be four qualifying matches and the winners would advance to a Power Play 4-Way, where the winner would get a shot at any title they wanted at anytime.

-Flash Fury defeated the debuting G-Force to advance to the Power Play 4-Way.

One half of the WBW Tag Team Champions “Die Hard” Tom McClane defeated “Honey Badger” Brandon James to advance to the Power Play 4-Way.

-“Lone Star” Louie Perez defeated “Incomparable” Mac McPhat to advance to the Power Play 4-Way.

-Butcher Manson defeated “Second Generation Sensation” Andrew Stryker to advance to the Power Play 4-Way.

-Flash Fury came out victorious in the Power Play 4-Way after outlasting “Die Hard” Tom McClane, “Lone Star” Louie Perez & Butcher Manson. In this match Mac McPhat came out and pulled the referee out of the ring as Perez was so close to making the first elimination of the match. Perez took McPhat out, when he returned to the ring Tom McClane ended up taking him out and eliminating Perez. Flash Fury scored the second elimination of the match by eliminating Tom McClane. After a hard fought one on one encounter with Butcher Manson, Fury was able to put him away. Post match Fury grabbed the mic and teased going after his good buddy WBW Heavyweight Champion Jake Ashworth but he then stated that he had unfinished business with Northern Heritage Champion Devlin Anderson of Wrestle Ohio. Fury stated that he was sick and tired of being screwed out of winning the Northern Heritage title back. He went on to announced that he could challenge for that title at anytime and chose to take that opportunity on Oct. 11th at Pinnacle III and it wouldn’t be just any match but it would be a Lumber Jack Match.

In the Main Event WBW Heavyweight Champion Jake Ashworth successfully defended his title against Great American Beast. Post match “Die Hard” Tom McClane came out and attacked Ashworth, The Mastermind handed the title to McClane. McClane, Mastermind and Great American Beast continued to beat Ashworth down. Finally Andrew Stryker and “Honey Badger” Brandon James came out to save Ashworth. Mastermind got the mic and told Ashworth that he could challenge McClane for the WBW Heavyweight Championship on Oct. 11th at Pinnacle III. Ashworth made it clear that it was his title and he would fight McClane for it on Oct. 11th at Pinnacle III.

World’s Best Wrestling returns to West Union, OH at The Oliver School for it’s biggest show of the year Pinnacle III. Matches announced so far…….WBW Heavyweight Champion Jake Ashworth vs. “Die Hard” Tom McClane, Northern Heritage Champion “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson vs. Flash Fury in a Lumber Jack Match. “Lone Star” Louie Perez vs. “Incomparable” Mac McPhat  in a Texas Bunkhouse Match. Also WBWW Star Sin D makes her return and the debut of up and coming star Amanda De La Cruz.

Stay tuned to and for upcoming dates and info.

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