Brutal WBW Debut

COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 26, 2012) – When World’s Best Wrestling debuts at the Pike County Fair Aug. 1st, one thing is for sure. Things are about to get brutal, Brutal Bellman to be exact.

WBW President of Talent Relations Loony Mike Horton is pleased to announce the signing of the “The Orange Bearded Berserker” and “The Mayor of Parts Unknown” Brutal Bellman!

Trained by Shark Boy and a student from the very first Shark Tank back in 2004. Standing at only 5’7″ and 160 lbs. He adopted the “Brutal” moniker in just Aug. of 2010, and with partner “Handsome” Donny Redd formed the team of Brutally Handsome. They’ve held several Tag Team titles in Southwestern Ohio.

Bellman, although never holding any singles titles, will put up a fight in any situation. Wrestling for promotions like Paradox Pro, MCW, Infinity Pro, BPW, NWF, HWA, Rockstar Pro, and LSC and now joins the ranks of World’s Best Wrestling. Bellman’s name has been rising on the local Indy circuit, look for him to make a major impact here in WBW.

Brutal Bellman