Clash At Caramel Festival III Results, New Champion Crowned

World’s Best Wrestling returned to Winchester, Ohio on Sunday, August 28th, 2016 for WBW: Clash At The Caramel Festival III. 

The show opened up with Slick Rick introducing special guest country singer Josh Morningstar. As Morningstar was about to start singing, WBW Heavyweight Champion “Die Hard” Tom McClane, his Life Coach Gavin, Great American Beast & “Militant” Mark Magnum interrupted Morningstar. McClane claimed Morningstar’s music wasn’t real country music and that this was wrestling. McClane would go on to challenge Morningstar. McClane and his crew would surround Morningstar, “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson would make his way to the ring and demand that he got his long awaited title shot. McClane would tell Hutchinson that he had to go through one more obstacle and that would be to defeat Mark Magnum. Hutchinson would demand that if he defeated Magnum that he would get a shot anywhere, anytime, McClane would agree to those terms.

-“Mr.Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson defeated “Militant” Mark Magnum.

-Great American Beast w/”Die Hard” Tom McClane defeated Lexus Montez.

-Daniel “The Dream” Winchester defeated Lord Crewe.

-Will Burns defeated The Cincinnati Crusher.

During the WBW Heavyweight title match Great American Beast tried to slide a guitar into the ring to Tom McClaneJosh Morningstar intercepted the guitar and hit Tom McClane with the guitar knocking him into referee Brian Barton knocking down the referee. Referee Bruce Grey would make his way to the ring and make the count and declare Josh Morningstar the NEW WBW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Barton would come to and realize what was going on and reversed the decision and disqualify Morningstar for using the guitar. McClane and his crew proceeded to beat down Morningstar. Big Jim Hutchinson would rush the ring to rescue Morningstar and demand his title shot right then and there. McClane, Great American Beast, Life Coach Gavin and Mark Magnum would beat Hutchinson down, Daniel Winchester, Will Burns and Lexus Montez would make the save and run off Beast, Gavin and Magnum.

-“Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson would become the NEW WBW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION by defeating “Die Hard” Tom McClane.

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A big  thanks to Heather Anderson and family for bailing us out with our ring truck issues, Nichole Lung and The Hair Company for the air conditioned locker room, Josh Morningstar, and the friendly people of Winchester.


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