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Saturday night March 16 the World’s Best Wrestling Fans were treated to a night of action and excitement that is literally beyond description in Sardinia, Ohio. This was the World’s Best Wrestling and what a night it was! Ring Announcer Mike “Loony” Horton brought out Old Glory and began the night with the playing of the National Anthem.

Match 1: Aaron McCormick w/ Jeremiah L. Young & Pele II vs. Solar Powers, Eclipso & Jake Ashworth

First out was Jeremiah Young who previously announced on Facebook that he had gotten off on the wrong foot with the great fans of WBW and he had requested the chance to “make things right”. But immediately Mr. Young began insulting the fans in the attendance and returned to his previous ways. In what was billed as a tag-team match Jeremiah announced that while Aaron McCormick was present, his scheduled partner, Mr. 9.5 was unable to be there and McCormick would be victorious alone. But much to Jeremiah’s dismay Loony announced that since this was a scheduled tag-team match that he would appoint Aaron McCormick’s partner… From The Lord’s of the Dance PELE II! Aaron McCormick and Pele II did not gel as a team and was roundly defeated by the ever popular tag-team of “Lil Hulk” Jake Ashworth and Eclipso aka The Solar Powers! Pele II congratulated the Solar Powers on a great match and raised their hands in victory! After the Solar Powers went to the back Pele II tried to console Young and McCormick but was treated to a beat down by the dui.

Word has it that Jeremiah Young is furious and has been pleading with WBW President Dude Rock for justice!

Winners: Powers, Eclipso & Jake Ashworth

Match 2: Tejo Kahn vs. Grizzly Monsoon w/ Wrestle Ohio & Sharon Rock

Next Loony brought out the Mongolian Warrior, Tejo Kahn to find out who would be accepting his open challenge. It was made known that originally Sharon Rock had accepted the challenge on behalf of her friend Papa Dingo but WrestleOhio had gotten wind of this and pulled a power-play by announcing that Papa Dingo was under contract to WrestleOhio and he had been suspended for his out of control behavior at Winter Heat. Instead Tejo Kahn would be facing Dingo partner Grizzly Monsoon and they ordered a reluctant Sharon to go to the back. The match was a back and forth struggle that saw a determined Tejo Kahn narrowly prevail over Monsoon. Looks of disgust was evident on the faces of WrestleOhio owners V.L. & Sara Stricklett and they left a fallen Grizzly Monsoon lying in the ring.

Winner: Tejo Kahn

Match 3: Pompano Joe vs. “Big Kahuna” Kenny Lucas

The third match-up saw the return of one of the most arrogant and all-around disliked competitor in Pompano Joe but Joe’s return was spoiled by the mega-popular WBW superstar, The Big Kahuna! Pompano Joe used his wiles and ring experience to his advantage but it still wasn’t enough to overcome the sheer brute power of Kahuna who was victorious! Kahuna addressed the fans that rooted him to victory to be sure to meet him at intermission for a personal thank you to all of the great WBW fans.

Winner: Kenny Lucas


Match 4: “Astonishing” Aaron Williams vs. Jeremy Hyde

In the next match the very talented Aaron Williams squared off against WBW newcomer Jeremy Hyde. Jeremy Hyde quickly gained the support of the crowd showed why WBW was fortunate to this acclaimed grappler at Domination. It was obvious that something was bothering Aaron Williams. It was no secret that Williams was upset following his defeat to Flash Fury for the WBW Northern Heritage Championship at Winter Heat and his frustrations carried over to Domination. Seemingly Aaron Williams could not get the upper-hand on Jeremy Hyde and was on the verge of being defeated in what would have been a major upset. But in a desperation move (and to the shock of everyone ringside) Williams took a shortcut to victory by blatantly cheating his way to victory. Later in the night Aaron Williams had a shocking announcement for WBW…

Winner: Aaron Williams

Match 5: “Your Reality” C.O. Hustler vs. “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson

Following intermission Loony announced that C.O. Hustler must face Devlin Anderson in the Dog-Collar match. This was originally scheduled Winter Heat but Hustler was claiming an injury prevented him from being at Winter Heat. Hustler emerged sporting his shoulder in a sling and a medical slip from his doctor excusing him from facing Anderson in the Dog-Collar Match. Hustler also threatened legal action against WBW if Loony proceeded. After examining the slip Loony announced that due to this medical excuse Hustler did not have to compete in a Dog-Collar match BUT there was nothing saying he couldn’t compete in a regular match! In disgust Hustler loudly protested and even inadvertently removed his sling (he apparently forgot he was supposed to be injured) and Devlin Anderson ran out to commence beating on Hustler with the rage of an angry Irishman. But in the end it was C.O. Hustler who prevailed and cheated his way to victory.

Winner: Devlin Anderson

Next a very irate WBW President Dude Rock came out with his wife, the beautiful Sharon Rock and WrestleOhio. Things were very tense in the Rock household as the Strickletts blamed Sharon for WO’s inability to complete the task that Dude hired them to do, clean up the “trash” in WBW. Dude insisted Sharon formally apologize to the Strickletts to atone for her alleged misconduct. The crowd was deafening in their chants pleading with Sharon, “Don’t Do It”! To thunderous applause Sharon blurted out a firm NO but the consequences were high as President Dude Rock FIRED his wife from the executive staff and demanded that Grizzly Monsoon carry her away from ringside. But neither WrestleOhio nor Sharon Rock was done for the night….

Match 6: Brutal Bellman vs. “Die Hard” Tom McClane w/ Wrestle Ohio

In what was originally scheduled to be a Northern Heritage Title match was instead changed to a #1 contender’s match after Champion Flash Fury was found injured backstage. WrestleOhio introduced their newest acquisition, Die-Hard Tom McClane! In a seemingly endless charade of an introduction McClane was escorted to the ring by WrestleOhio and in a shocking move WrestleOhio’s newest member Aaron Williams! Tom McClane opponent was the tough-as-nails and fan favorite Brutal Bellman ! It was a match for the ages with McClane and Williams forming a bond of sorts but in the end it was Brutal Bellman who prevailed against the odds!

Winner: Brutal Bellman

Match 7: Tyson Rogers & The Mastermind w/ Sara Stricklett vs. “American Made” Jason Legend & RangerBob

The stakes were very high for the main event. This epic encounter saw the WBW Heavyweight Champion Tyson Rogers team with his manager, WrestleOhio’s own V.L. Stricklett against American Made Jason Legend and his manager RangerBob! If the team of Legend/RB wins then Legend would get No-Holds Barred Boot Camp match against Rogers for the WBW Heavyweight Championship in April at WBW: World War Rumble but if Rogers/Stricklett wins then Jason Legend would never receive another title. Before the match began yet another surprise announcement was made by RangerBob. He had heard that someone had recently become unemployed so in order to keep an eye on Sara Stricklett Legend and RB had acquired the managerial services of none other than SHARON ROCK! The house was roaring in delight as Sharon kept a vigilant eye on Sara throughout the match. In a surprising ending it was RangerBob getting the pin on the vertically challenged V.L. Stricklett to pave the way for Jason Legend receive a NO D.Q. Boot Camp Match against Tyson Rogers at World War Rumble but the best was yet to come as Sharon Rock knocked down Sara Stricklett much to the delight of everyone.

Winners: “American Made” Jason Legend & RangerBob

WBW returns to Sardinia, Ohio on April 13th for WBW: World War Rumble.

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