Flag Vs. Title

World’s Best Wrestling is pleased to announce our 1st official match for WBW Inaugural Brawl Aug. 1st 2012 in Piketon, Ohio at the Pike County Fair. Tyson Rogers vs. Chad Cruise in a flag match with the Revolutionary Championship Wrestling title on the line.

RCW owner the Phoenix has agreed to allow their champion to defend their title at our event. RCW Champion Chad Cruise, an armed forces veteran having served in the National Guard in Kosovo 2003-2009, Iraq 2008, and helped in the Hurricane Katrina Recovery, he will defend Old Glory against the Big Man from Iran, Tyson Rogers and his adopted country’s flag.

WBW would like to thank RCW for allowing this match to happen and the board of directors would like to assure RCW and it’s fans that despite a bumpy past between RCW and WBW President Dude Rock it does not reflect WBW’s view of RCW. Senior official Steve Helphenstine will be assigned to this match and field Manager Loony Mike Horton will be present to guarantee the match’s integrity.

For more info on RCW, check out www.rcwonline.com and for more info on WBW check out www.wbwtv.com.

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