Midway Mania 2016 Results

On Friday, Aug. 12th & Saturday, Aug.13th , 2015 World’s Best Wrestling returned to the Hamilton County Fair located in Cincinnati, OH as they presented Midway Mania 2016: Nights 1 & 2.

Here are the results:

Night 1

-“Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson came to the ring and demanded that he get his long awaited title shot against WBW Heavyweight Champion “Die Hard” Tom McClane. McClane would make his way to the ring with Devlin Anderson and Great American Beast. McClane would informed Hutchinson that he already has a match signed to defend the title against young upstart Philly Collins but he had someone who would take Hutchinson out and introduce Marino Tenaglia. Hutchinson would go on to defeat Tenaglia.

-“The Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson w/Great American Beast defeated Brandon Xavier w/Joseline. After the match Anderson and Beast would beat Xavier down. “The Suplex Shogun” Jackson Stone came out to make the save and challenged Beast to a match. Stone went on to defeat Beast.

-“Militant” Mark Magnum defeated “Lightning” Tim Lutz. After the match Magnum would issue an open challenge for Night 2.

–WBW Heavyweight Champion “Die Hard” Tom McClane w/Marion Tenaglia, Great American Beast & Devlin Anderson successfully defended the title against Philly Collins. After the match McClane, Tenaglia, Beast & Anderson would assault Collins, Brandon Xavier, Jim Hutchinson, Jackson Stone & Joseline made the save. This would lead into an 8 man tag where Collins, Xavier, Stone & Hutchinson would defeat McClane, Beast, Tenaglia & Anderson.

Night 2

-“Lightning” Tim Lutz defeated Great American Beast.

-Ryan Michaels answered “Militant” Mark Magnum’s open challenge. Michaels defeated Magnum.

-“The Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson w/Great American Beast defeated Will Burns.

–WBW Heavyweight Champion “Die Hard” Tom McClane & Great American Beast came out to the ring and issued a challenge to “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson but Hutchinson was not there. McClane stated that since there was nobody worthy of a title shot that he was leaving the Fair. Daniel “The Dream” Winchester would make his way to the ring and challenge McClane, McClane would turn down the challenge from Winchester saying that he hasn’t earned a shot and said Winchester could take on his hired gun Night Shadow. Winchester would defeat Night Shadow.

–WBW Heavyweight Champion “Die Hard” Tom McClane w/Great American Beast successfully defended his title against Daniel “The Dream” Winchester. After the match McClane & Beast would beat Winchester down. Will Burns would come to the aid of Winchester. Winchester & Burns would defeat McClane & Beast in a tag team match.

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