Midway Mania Results

World’s Best Wrestling invaded the Hamilton County Fair in Cincinnati, OH on Friday August 9, 2013 for WBW: Midway Mania. And what a night of action it was, fans! Midway Mania saw the return of some past superstars, the debut of some future superstars, and was an action packed event that the fans in Cincinnati won’t soon forget. If you weren’t there, here’s what went down…

– “Extreme” Aaron McCormick w/Jeremiah L. Young defeated the debuting “Bombastic” Bruce Grey.

– In a WBWW Showcase Match, Lil’ Naughty defeated “Hardcore” Heather Owens.

– Masked luchadore Eclipso defeated the debuting Ed Gonzales.

– “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson defeated the returning “Incredible Kahuna” Kenny Lucas.

– “Mongolian Machine” Tejo Khan defeated “The King” Randy Allen w/Wrestle Ohio‘s Sara & V.L. Stricklett.

– In a 3 Way Tag-Team Elimination Match, The Dark Guns (Wrestle Ohio’s “Cincinnati Shogun” Aaron Williams & “Darkstar” Matt Taylor) defeated Team Wrestle Ohio (“Die Hard” Tom McClane & WBW Northern Heritage Champion “The Re-Enforcer Devlin Anderson) and the team of Papa Dingo & Grizzly Monsoon.

In the Main Event, “Darkstar” Matt Taylor, after refusing an offer to join Team Wrestle Ohio, and then subsequently Super Kicking “The Mastermind” V.L. Stricklett‘s head off, defeated “Cincinnati Shogun” Aaron Williams to become the new #1 Contender to Tyson Roger‘s WBW Heavyweight Championship.

WBW returns to Sardinia, Ohio on October 12, 2013 for WBW: Pinnacle II. For more info on WBW, and to keep updated on their upcoming events, check out www.Facebook.com/wbwpro and www.WBWTV.com or follow them on Twitter @wbwtv. And don’t forget about their newly launched sister promotion, World’s Best Women Wrestlers.

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