Pinnacle II Lineup Sardinia

World’s Best Wrestling returns to Sardinia, Ohio live Saturday Oct. 12th for their one year anniversary show Pinnacle II.

The action kicks off at 7:30 PM doors open at 6:45 at 116 College Avenue in the old school gymnasium.

Tickets are only $8 for bleachers, $10 for floor, and $12 for front row. Discount presale tickets including family four packs are available at and group sale discounts for groups of 10 or more by contacting Pinnacle II is sponsored by Bowie Tire Company of Aberdeen, Ohio.

The matches announced thus far:

Eclipso vs. “The Incomparable” Mac McPhat


World’s Best Wrestling is always on the look for the best talent around, WBW: Pinnacle II will mark the WBW debut of a man known as “The Incomparable” Mac McPhat.

McPhat will have a tall order for his debut as he faces off against local favorite Eclipso. Will McPhat make his mark in his WBW debut, or will Eclipso show him the exit door?

“Hardcore” Heather Owens vs. Lil’ Naughty World’s Best Women Wrestlers Showcase Match

In a rematch the fans demanded, the women of WBWW return as “Hardcore” Heather Owens faces off against Lil Naughty one more time.

These two ladies proved that they belong in the ring amongst the best at Midway Mania. Now Sardinia, Ohio get’s to see what all the hype in Cincinnati was about. Can Naughty go 2-0 against Heather in WBWW, or will Heather leave Naughty on the mat like she has so many other opponents?

Jake Ashworth vs. Ed Gonzales

At Midway Mania, Ed Gonzales made his WBW debut, after his bout with Eclipso he delivered a post match beating to the high flying star leaving him lying in the ring.

At Pinnacle II, Eclipso’s best friend and tag team partner Jake Ashworth has asked for a chance to make things even.

Will Jake give Ed Gonzales what he deserves, or will the charismatic hero be left lying in the ring, just like his tag team partner?

“Die Hard” Tom McClane w/ Wrestle Ohio vs Grizzly Monsoon

At Midway Mania, “Die Hard” Tom McClane and Devlin Anderson made sure they prevent Grizzly Monsoon or Papa Dingo did not get a shot at the WBW Heavyweight Championship.

At Pinnacle II , Grizzly is looking for some payback against Tom McClane. Will he get his revenge or will Die Hard send Grizzly packing?

“Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson vs. “Incredible Kahuna” Kenny Lucas
At Midway Mania “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson too advantage of a recovering “Incredible Kahuna” Kenny Lucas and left him beaten in the ring.

At Pinnacle II Kenny returns rested and 100% cleared, will Big Jim send Kenny back to the hospital or will “The Incredible Kahuna” come out on top?

“American Made” Jason Legend w/RangerBob vs. Aaron McCormick w/ Jeremiah Young

Many fans are claiming Jason Legend was cheated out of being in the title picture by Wrestle Ohio, RangerBob plans to campaign to get Legend one more shot. Jeremiah Young has been furious his client has never been mentioned in a title picture, and after Midway Mania it appears their may be some friction in the camp.

At Pinnacle II Jason Legend and Aaron McCormick meet one on one, can Legend stay focused on the prize, can Young and McCormick mend their fences and get the win against the rising star?

“Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson (c) w/ Wrestle Ohio vs. Flash Fury Northern Heritage Championship Match

At World War Rumble “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson won the Northern Heritage Wrestling Championship in what many would call questionable means, with the assistance of Wrestle Ohio. Since then his representation has refused to give Flash a rematch.

No more, acting Field Manager RangerBob has lobbied the board of directors on Flash’s behalf and at Pinnacle II, Flash Fury receives his rematch. Will Flash prevail, or will the “Re-Enforcer” retain the title?

Tyson Rogers (c) w/ Wrestle Ohio vs. “Darkstar Matt Taylor WBW Heavyweight Title Match

At WBW: Midway Mania, “Darkstar” Matt Taylor stood up for himself and didn’t sell out all his years of hard work and dedication to the wrestling business to Wrestle Ohio. In the process, he won the right to a WBW Heavyweight Title shot at Pinnacle II.

At Pinnacle II he steps in the ring with one of the most physical and mentally tough wrestlers in the world, Tyson Rogers. Does Taylor have what it takes to defeat Tyson and the strategy of Team Wrestle Ohio?

Mystery Debut
According to the WBW Board of Directors, there will be a new star debuting at WBW: Pinnacle II, very little has been revealed, and the newcomer has only promised to bring “7 ft of pain and suffering”, who is this new WBW star, and what does he have planned?

Find out the answers to all these questions live Saturday Oct 12th in Sardinia, Ohio.

Quick and easy directions to Sardinia, Ohio:

From Dayton, Ohio – Take 35 E to 68 S, to 32 E or I 75 S to I 275 E to 32 E.
From Columbus, Ohio – Take 62 S to 32 W
From Cincinnati, Ohio – Take 32 E
From Maysville, Ky – Take 62 N to 32 W

Stay tuned to and for updates.

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