Pinnacle III Results

World’s Best Wrestling returned to Adams County on Saturday October 11, 2014 at the Oliver School in West Union, OH as they celebrated their 2nd anniversary WBW: Pinnacle III. The night was full of action. If you weren’t there here is what you missed…….

The night opened up with Matthew Beha singing our National Anthem.

-Announcer, Kevin Jones introduced G-Force. G-Force addressed the WBW Top Prospect Andrew Stryker. G-Force said Stryker maybe the WBW Top Prospect but he is the Top Prospect of the Universe. A few minutes later G-Force called out Andrew Stryker. Stryker came out, the two had some words for each other, Stryker told G-Force he would take him on in any match that  he wanted. G-Force announced that it would be a 2 on 1 Handi-Cap Match, he announced his partner as the Top Prospect of Japan, Morimoto. Stryker looked like he was about to get the victory as he was about to hit Morimoto with the Death Valley Driver but as Stryker had him hoisted up, G-Force made the blind tag. Referee Skeeter Muldoon was trying to get Morimoto to get out of the ring, this allowed G-Force to spit some mysterious mist in Stryker’s face and pick up the pinfall for his team.

The owners of Wrestle Ohio, Sara & V.L Stricklett made their way to the ring and bragged about their team and how they held most of the gold in WBW. They introduced Northern Heritage Champion “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson, then the WBW Tag Team Champions Big Jim Hutchinson & “Die Hard” Tom McClane. Then they announced their newest member Great American Beast. Mastermind talked about Tom McClane having two matches tonight and how he would bring the Heavyweight Championship to Wrestle Ohio. McClane went on to inform them that he needed to not take part in the tag match as he needed time to prepare for this title match with Jake Ashworth. Big Jim Hutchinson didn’t look happy when McClane announced that his replacement would be Great American Beast.

-“Kitten Heart” Matt Brannigan & “Honey Badger” Brandon James defeated Big Jim Hutchinson & Great American Beast w/ The Mastermind & Sara Stricklett to become the NEW WBW Tag Team Champions. Post match the fans swarmed ringside to celebrat with James and Brannigan.

In a WBWW Showcase Match Amanda De La Cruz lived up to the hype and defeated Sin D in her WBWW debut.

After chasing “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson for over a year Flash Fury won back the Northern Heritage Title in a wild Lumber Jack Match.

-“Incomprable” Mac McPhat defeated rookie sensation “Lone Star” Louie Perez in a brutal Texas Bunkhouse Match. This match saw these two competitors beat each other with chairs, golf clubs, ball bats, ladders.

In the main event “Die Hard” Tom McClane w/ Wrestle Ohio defeated “Lil Hulk” Jake Ashworth to become the NEW WBW Heavyweight champion. Post match the rest of Wrestle Ohio hit the ring and proceeded to beat Ashworth down. Jim Hutchinson stood back and didn’t take part in the beat down, as his stable mates urged him to jump in on the beat down Hutchinson tried to stop the beat down. After being pushed Hutchinson hit McClane and then laid out Great American Beast and Devlin Anderson. After Ashworth got back to his feet he looked at Hutchinson. The two shook hands and then posed for the crowd.

Stay tuned to and for upcoming dates and info.

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