WBW: Clash At The Homecoming Festival V Results

WBW returned to Winchester, Ohio on Saturday August 25th for Clash At The Homecoming Festival V.

Here are the quick results:

WBW ring announcer Calli welcomed the crowd and asked everyone to stand for the National Anthem.

  • Star Rider defeated Espíritu Maya
  • WBW Commissioner Loony welcomed WBW Champion Big Jim Hutchinson to the ring. Jim talked about being a fighting champion and said today would be no different, Jim was ready to take on all challengers. Nathaniel Rose, David Tyler, and Tyler Robinson came out an surrounded the ring seemingly all wanting to accept the challenge. “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson, and Jordan Clearwater came out to join Big Jim and before it all broke loose Loony settled everything down by announcing David Tyler and Tyler Robinson would be Anderson and Clearwater in a tag match later in the evening, and Nathaniel Rose would be facing Big Jim for the WBW Championship.
  • Luis Cassanova defeated Maxx Power and Chuck Chronic in a 3 way dance, with Chronic and Cassanova. employing questionable tactics against Maxx Power.
  • “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson and Jordan Clearwater defeated David Tyler and Tyler Robinson.
  • Big Jim Hutchinson defeated Nathaniel Rose to retain the WBW Championship.
  • “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson won the ten man battle royal and as a result will face Big Jim for the WBW title on September 22nd at the Seaman Fall Festival in Seaman, Ohio.

WBW would like to thank all of the fans and the great folks of Winchester, Ohio for having us out and braving the rain to help make this such an exciting show!

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