WBW Reality Check

COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 13, 2012) – Today will be forever known as the day WBW received it’s reality check. World’s Best Wrestling President of Talent Relations and Field Manager, Michael “Loony” Horton is very pleased to announced the signing of  “Your Reality” C. O. Hustler.

A 14 year ring veteran,  wrestling all over Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.  Holding titles in every promotion he has ever worked for including; US Title, American Title, Television Title, Heavyweight Title, and a 14 time Tag Team Champion. When C.O. is in the  squared circle he is all business. Retired from the ring having accomplished every goal he set, the chance to achieve one last title run with the best drew him back in.

“I love this business, I don’t take anything from anyone who get’s in my way.” Known for his technical skills combined with his hard hitting street style,  including his signature moves, Lesson in Reality (fisherman buster) & Ghetto Drop (modified rocker dropper). One more title run may not be that far away.

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