WBW: Street Fight II Results Seaman, Ohio

On Saturday, September 21st, 2019 World’s Best Wrestling presented Street Fight II at the Seaman Fall Festival in Seaman, OH. If you weren’t there here is what when down…..

The show would kick off with Callie welcoming the fans to the show. She would then introduce WBW Commissioner Loony. The commish would lead us into the National Anthem. After the Anthem Loony would go on to tell the fans about what was in store for the evening. “Die Hard” Tom McClane, Great American Beast, Dustie Cooper and Adam Rohrgeous would interrupt. McClane would talk down to the fans of Seaman, then he would go on to demand yet another shot at the WBW Heavyweight Championship. After hearing enough nonsense from the group Loony would grant McClane his match but it would be a Street Fight against The WBW Heavyweight Champion “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson. Loony would go on and announce that Dustie Cooper would take on “Midnite” Matt Ryan, Adam Rohrgeous versus The Star Rider and that Great American Beast would take on “The 22 Year Old Stud” Jay Donaldson in the opening match. Loony would then ban McClane, Cooper and Rohrgeuos from ringside.

-“The 22 Year Old Stud” Jay Donaldson defeated Great American Beast

-Kimba defeated The Prodigy

-“Midnite” Matt Ryan defeated Dustie Cooper

-Big Cuz defeated Hugo Santana

-The Star Rider defeated Adam Rohrgeous

-Jason Legend w/Angel Devine defeated Maxx Power

-“Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson over came the odds and defeated “Die Hard” Tom McClane to retain the WBW Heavyweight Championship in a Street Fight. During the match Dustie Cooper, Adam Rohrgeous and Great American Beast would interfere and it would turn into 4 on 1. Hutchinson was able to take each out one by one.

WBW would like to thank the great people of Seaman, Ohio and all the fans at the Seaman Fall Festival for making this such a great night.

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Results courtesy WrestleFix.com.

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