WBW: Winter Heat Results

World’s Best Wrestling made it’s triumphant return to Winchester, Ohio on Saturday February 24th, 2018 with WBW: Winter Heat.

The event kicked off with Matthew Beha singing the National Anthem.

WBW ring announcer Callie then brought out The Loony Commissioner, who came out to a roaring ovation. Loony thanked the crowd for coming out and welcoming WBW to Winchester. Loony said he was here to announce a title match for tonight and brought out WBW Heavyweight Champion Big Jim Hutchinson.

Loony thanked Big Jim for being a fighting champion that represented WBW well. Jim said that he was here to face the best WBW has to offer. Loony said that tonight in the main event, Big Jim would indeed face the best WBW has to offer, Loony was then interrupted by “Die Hard” Tom McClane, Great American Beast and “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson.

Tom thanked Loony for seeing fit to put him in the title match tonight, Loony informed Tom that it would not be him facing Big Jim, but Tom’s ally Devlin Anderson who had the best W-L record in WBW. Tom and Devlin seemed to get in a small disagreement about the announcement, but then Tom, Devlin and Beat blind side attacked Big Jim. Flash Fury, and Chris Kaos came to ringside from the back and helped Big Jim fight off the trio.

Loony told the crowd that, now we have a main event and a semi-main event, as “Die Hard” Tom McClane & Great American Beast would face Flash Fury and Chris Kaos, and in the main event “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson would face Big Jim Hutchinson for the WBW Heavyweight Title.

Match 1

Mark Magnum defeated The Duke via pinfall.

Match 2

Paxton Calloway defeated Al Fredo

Match 3

Tank Runyon defeated Chuck Chronic w/ Tim Estrada

Match 4

Anthony Falcone defeated The Warlock

Match 5

“Die Hard” Tom McClane & Great American Beast defeated Flash Fury and Chris Kaos

Match 6

Big Jim Hutchinson defeated “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson to retain the WBW Heavyweight Title.

Post match Devlin and Tom got into a heated argument as Die Hard’s interference cost Devlin the match. Big Jim celebrated with the crowd, and Callie thanked Winchester and WBW sponsors EYH, Mosier Furniture, Bowie Tire, and Blake Pharmacy.

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