Winter Heat Results

World’s Best Wrestling Winter Heat on Saturday Feb 16th in Sardinia, Ohio was exactly what the names describes; a night of red hot wrestling action on a sub arctic evening. The night started off with the proclamation that this show would be dedicated to the memory of a much beloved friend of many in the building, Jason Howell.

After an emotional moment of silence Loony introduced RangerBob bringing out the American Flag for the traditional National Anthem that was beautifully performed by Mr. Matthew Beha. WBW would like to extend a very warm thank you to Matthew and the entire Expand Your Horizon group for making Winter Heat a most memorable night.

Match #1:
The debuting Aaron McCormick was lead to the ring by his manager, Jeremiah Young. Young quickly got off on the wrong foot with the crowd by belittle the rural community of Sardinia and bragging on his new affiliation with the larger metropolitan areas. But the boos quickly erupted into loud cheers when Loony introduced another superstar making his WBW debut, “The Big Kahuna” Kenny Lucas! Both men were battling to make an impact and McCormick nearly pulled off the win but the raw brute strength of the big man from Russellville by way of Hawaii was too much for aerial assaults of Mr. Young’s client.

The winner via pin fall The Big Kahuna!

Match #2:
WBW favorites “Lil Hulk” Jake Ashworth and Eclipso S. Powers were teamed together in a tag-team encounter that turned out to be possibly the most controversial match in WBW’s young history. The ferocious Papa Dingo was led to the ring by V.L. & Sara Stricklett (aka WrestleOhio), and Sharon Rock with his partner making his WBW debut, the mysterious Grizzly Monsoon. Together Dingo and. It was a battle of epic proportions that saw Dingo & Monsoon prevailing over Eclipso and Ashworth.

The winners via pin fall Dingo & Monsoon!

Fans were shocked at what happened afterwards: As Grizzly Monsoon carried off “Lil Hulk” like a carcass over his shoulder a crazed Papa Dingo continued to choke the life out of a helpless Eclipso. Senior Referee Steve Helphenstine tried to intervene but was soon fighting for his life as well. With everyone in panic mode Loony warned manager V.L. Stricklett that he better get Papa Dingo under control or the police would be summoned. Stricklett tried to threaten Papa Dingo to back off with his cane but the panicked Dingo even choked his own manager. A very scared and totally uncontrolled Papa Dingo calmed down when the lovely Sharon Rock reassured the Kenyan Warrior with a touch of her hand and brought the troubled Dingo back to submission. In what many are saying Beauty calmed the Savage Beast was very controversial indeed. Sharon Rock led a calmer Papa Dingo out while the angered Strickletts followed way behind.

Match #3:
The increasingly popular Mongolian Warrior Tejo Kahn squared off against another superstar making his WBW debut, Mr. 9.5 Justin Neal. In a match that went back and forth Tejo Kahn cinch in a painful wristlock that saw Mr. 9.5 submit to the wily ring veteran.

The winner via submission Tejo Kahn

After Kahn’s impressive victory Loony interviewed the Mongolian Warrior who issued an open challenge to anyone in WBW. Kahn is feeling confident and ready to prove to the fans that he is unstoppable and ready to grapple his way to the top of WBW.

Loony then introduced perhaps the fastest rising superstar in WBW, “American Made” Jason Legend! Legend came out to a thunderous ovation that was near deafening. The flag waving young gladiator was eager to face the Big Man from Iran, Tyson Rogers for the WBW Heavyweight championship later, but Legend was very rudely interrupted by Rogers with Wrestle Ohio. Legend had a surprise announcement for everyone. Jason Legend had procured the managerial services of none other than another true American Patriot, RangerBob! RangerBob quickly got into a verbal barrage with the Strickletts and coerced the match to happen right then and there! Much to the protests of WrestleOhio Loony sanctioned the match, the referee was called in, and the bell rang!

Match #4:
For the WBW Heavyweight Championship American Made Jason Legend with RangerBob verses The Big Man from Iran Tyson Rogers with WrestleOhio! Senior official Steve Helphenstine had a wild ruckus on his hands that saw both managerial factions interfering. Finally Helphenstine ruled the match to be a double disqualification with Tyson Rogers retaining the championship.

Double disqualification.

After the match RangerBob challenged (on Jason’s behalf) Tyson to a no-DQ Boot Camp Brawl for the title. WrestleOhio said no because Legend has to earn a shot at a match like that, because he has yet to defeat Tyson. RangerBob then issued the challenge to a tag-team match with RangerBob and Jason Legend taking on Tyson Rogers and anyone else from WrestleOhio. The challenge was accepted with V.L. thinking he could select Roger’s partner when RangerBob dropped the bombshell: Tyson Roger’s partner would be V.L. Stricklett! Loony quickly sanctioned the match much to Stricklett’s protests. At WBW Domination it would be American Made Jason Legend with RangerBob against Tyson Rogers and V.L. Stricklett in a tag-team encounter. If Legend/RB wins then Jason Legend would get a future no-DQ Boot Camp Brawl for the title. If Rogers/Stricklett wins then Jason Legend would be ineligible for any future Championship matches as long as Rogers retains the title.

Before the match began it was announced that whoever was victorious in the next match would be declared the #1 contender to the soon to be declared WBW Northern Heritage Championship.

Match #5:
James Avery verses Brutal Bellman. In a hard fought contest that showcased two of the most talented grapplers in the mid-west. Avery wasted no time letting everyone know his disdain for everyone in the building. Chants of “Chicken” were echoing throughout the Heckler building with Avery constantly threatening to walk out. Bellman antagonized Avery by spitting water in his face twice (much to the crowd’s delight). The ever popular Brutal Bellman narrowly prevailed over a determined James Avery to win a shot at the WBW Northern Heritage Championship at WBW: Domination.

The winner via pin fall Brutal Bellman

Match #6:
With C.O. Hustler claiming to be unable to compete in what was originally scheduled to be a dog collar match between Hustler and Devlin Anderson, corporate sponsor WrestleOhio brought in Tough as nails brawler Jock Samson to take on Anderson in an Appalachian Bullrope match. The rules (as explained by Loony) were that both wrestlers were to be tied together at the wrists with a Bullrope with a cowbell in the middle. In order to win you must stay tied and touch all four corners of the ring in consecutive order. In perhaps the most brutal match in WBW history saw a bloodied Devlin Anderson defeat Samson in a grueling match. Anderson called out C.O. Hustler to quit being a coward and face him on March 16 at WBW: Domination. Loony made it official: In order for C.O. Hustler to ever compete in WBW again he must face Anderson in the dog collar match upon his return.

The winner Devlin Anderson

Updated information: On Monday C.O. Hustler sent word to WBW corporate offices that he is furious over the insinuations that he was afraid to face Devlin Anderson. Under protest he accepts the terms of the sanctions and he will face Devlin Anderson on March 16 in the dog collar match at WBW: Domination

WBW President Dude Rock came out to address the crowd concerning the controversial “Papa Dingo Incident” with WrestleOhio and Sharon Rock. President Rock was proudly donning his new presidential attire that was… well, you have to check out the pictures to believe it. Rock also proceeded to berate Loony’s business suit and his announcing skills which infuriated the crowd in Sardinia. Much to everyone’s surprise Rock laid the blame on Dingo’s behavior on “meddling” from his wife, the stunning Sharon Rock! He then fined her the amount of pay she was to receive and instead awarded the amount to Wrestle Ohio for “pain and suffering” she caused. Rock also reminded his wife that her place was in the kitchen making him sandwiches! A very humiliated Sharon ran out of the auditorium in tears and embarrassed. A smug V.L. & Sara Stricklett continued the yelling and humiliation. Then Rock turned to Loony and told him that he was a pathetic announcer and he was relieved from introducing the next wrestlers.

Match #7:
Flash Fury verses Astonishing Aaron Williams for the WBW Northern Heritage Championship.

Stricklett belittled both Fury and Williams as he introduced them to the ring. This was a match of respect; respect for the Northern Heritage Championship and respect for each other. It was a very physical and unrelenting match-up. Both men fought with everything they had but in the end it was Flash Fury who prevailed.

The winner via pinfall and the first WBW Northern Heritage Champion FLASH FURY!

Remember, Saturday March 16 WBW returns for the second epic encounter of 2013 with WBW: Domination!

Already signed:

Jason Legend and RangerBob verses Tyson Rogers and V.L. Stricklett.

C.O. Hustler verses Devlin Anderson in the Dog Collar match.

Brutal Bellman verses Flash Fury for the Northern Heritage Championship.

The Mongolian Warrior Tejo Kahn’s open challenge.

Plus much, much, more.