WBW Launch Announced

World’s Best Wrestling Announces Mission Statement, Executive Management Staff

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 30, 2012) – WBW Live Entertainment today through Board of Directors spokesman William B. West announced the formation of World’s Best Wrestling (WBW).

Mr. West also presented the mission statement for the new pro wrestling promotion. “World’s Best Wrestling is a cooperative effort by a group of financial investors committed to bring a new level of excellence and integrity to the Mid-West professional wrestling community.”

World’s Best Wrestling (WBW) also has announced the first executive managerial signings for the fledgling company:

Retired regional wrestler Jerry “Dude Rock” Davis has agreed to terms to act as the WBW President overseeing administrative and day to day financial operations for WBW. Jerry has served as a member of the board of directors for other Independent Wrestling promotion as well as having an extensive management background.

Local wrestling personality Michael “Loony” Horton has agreed to head up the talent relations department and act as field manager. Michael has an extensive background in the industry having served as General Manager for several top promotions in the region.

Mr. West added, “The Board of Directors is pleased to announce these two staff signings and we have the utmost confidence that these two individuals will be able to set aside their storied past differences and work together for the common good, bringing fans high quality entertainment and making WBW the leader in independent professional wrestling”.

West also went on to say that both Davis and Horton are be expected to issue personal statements regarding their assignments with WBW soon. Fans are encouraged to keep checking back to the official website www.WBWTV.com for upcoming announcements on the summer touring schedule and roster signings.

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