Domination 2014 Results

World’s Best Wrestling returned to Adams County on Friday April 18, 2014 at the Oliver School in West Union, OH as they presented WBW: Domination. The night was full of action. If you weren’t there here is what you missed…….

The night started off with the singing of our National Anthem by Matthew Beha.

– “Bombastic” Bruce Grey & “The Second Generation Sensation” Andrew Stryker defeated “Flyin” Ryan Burke & “The Trendsetter” Chase Aaryons.

-”Incomparable” Mac McPhat defeated The Flying Redneck.

-”Relentless” Ron Mathis defeated “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson.

-Grizzly Monsoon w/ Jeremiah King defeated Duke Beefhammer.

Wrestle Ohio came to the ring to announce they were going to name a special guest referee for the main event title match. Loony volunteered his services noting his extensive background refereeing. Wrestle Ohio said what a great idea and told Loony he was dismissed as announcer for the night, and he could referee, the ladies match. Legendary pro wrestling manager Brock Guffman came to the ring to the surprise of Wrestle Ohio, he told Wrestle Ohio he had bought a piece of WBW as he was going to be finishing up his managing career soon, and one thing he always wanted to do was ring announce, and he asked if he could announce the rest of the show. All parties agreed.

-”The Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson defeated Flash Fury with the help of Wrestle Ohio to retain Northern Heritage Title.

-Sin-D defeated Big Mama in a WBWW Showcase Match.

-Jake Ashworth w/ Rangerbob defeated “America’s Best” Jason Legend w/Wrestle Ohio. RangerBob came to the ring with Jake Ashworth much to the dismay of Wrestle Ohio who had fired him weeks earlier. RangerBob showed them a newly minted contract, Wrestle Ohio dismissed the contract vowing to find out who in the office authorized it saying regardless his client was going to lose tonight, The Mastermind went to the back to get the special referee for the night. Sara introduced the special referee and it was none other than the Mastermind.

The Mastermind repeatedly delivered slow counts for jake and finally counted the pin for Legend after a blatant low blow. RangerBob appealed to Brock Guffman who using his authoruty as part of the ownership group restarted the match by calling The Loony ref from the back to officiate the restarted bout, Ahsworth quickly got the advantage and pinned Legend 1-2-3 to win the WBW Heavyweight title.

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