In The Ring With EYH

Expanding YOUR Horizons (EYH) an Ohio organization that provides unique and exciting community events for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families, has been a great supporter of Indy Wrestling in Ohio, taking their clients to various events and promotions throughout the state. They recently posted a blog about their experiences at Ohio Indy Wrestling shows, and their latest event with World’s Best Wrestling in particular.

Pro wrestling is often overlooked as an art form and style of entertainment by many, it’s great to see an organization that provides such a vital and needed service to the community as EYH appreciate the bond created by the sport we all know and love.

Below is the article they published:

“In the world of entertainment, there are few businesses that combine the art of theater with athletic ability like those involved in the wrestling entertainment industry.

In the world of EYH, there are few community Events that combine the drama of watching athletes perform during a live sporting Event with the opportunity to befriend those same athletes. However, we have found that perfect combination by partnering with many local wrestling companies and the latest community opportunity presented itself at the World’s Best Wrestling (WBW) Event.

Matthew Beha sings The National Anthem
Matthew Beha sings The National Anthem

WBW recognizes the need to open each and every Event with excitement and they have chosen our very own Matthew, from Meigs County, to open their Events with by singing the Star Spangled Banner. You can watch his rendition by clicking this link:

But that is just the start of an amazing evening of wrestling matches that cultivate community inclusion and culminate in friendships that last long after the final bell.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a face or a heel; you’ll always find friends with EYH.”

Well said.

World’s Best Wrestling President Dude Rock was asked to comment for this article about his experience with EYH at WBW events, “EYH brings such an energy to the WBW events. Many of the WBW wrestlers know the fans from EYH from various events around the Ohio Indy circuit. Everyone on the staff from the referees to the wrestlers look forward just a little more to the events attended by EYH. The friendships we’ve made either at pre-show meet and greets, intermission autograph signings, or getting cheered by the EYH crowd will last a lifetime”.

More info about EYH:

EYH Is A Unique Agency Offering:

Jason Legend poses with a fan from EYH at intermission.
Jason Legend poses with a fan from EYH at intermission.

• Recreational, leisure, and exciting day habilitation activities for adults
Jason Legend Poses With A Fan At Meet And Greet
• Non-medical transportation
• Level One and IO Waiver Medicaid Services
• Supportive Living Services
• Respite

Day Hab That Is:

Personal: We pick you up at your home, transport you to the activity in which you will be participating, and then return you to your home.

Flexible: Choose from daily to weekly to monthly activities.

Therapeutic: Focused on YOUR ISP goals.

Exciting: Possible activities may include (to name a few):

Sporting Events ( Cincinnati Reds, Columbus Clippers, Ohio University)

Tours ( Fenton Glass, Ohio State Capital, Bakery, Ice Cream Plant)

Museums ( COSI, Art Museum, Ohio Historical Village, Campus Martius)

Activities ( Sternwheel Ride, Bowling, Roller Skating, Boating)

EYH fans taking in the show.
EYH fans taking in the show.

Events ( Plays, Concerts, Circus, Ice Capades)

Outings ( Blennerhassett Island, Columbus Zoo, Amish

Country, State Parks, Restaurants/Shopping/Movies)

Volunteer Activities ( With local organizations)

Expanding YOUR Horizons is committed to meeting the individualized needs and desires of individuals and their families.

EYH promotes self-esteem, self-determination, independence and choice through activities which offer skill development, independence, and community inclusion.

For more information on EYH visit their site:, their blog:, or Facebook page:

For more info on World’s Best Wrestling visit their site at or

"Incredible Kahuna" Making Friends With The Fans From EYH.
“Incredible Kahuna” Making Friends With The Fans From EYH.

Photos courtesy EYH and Jimmy Hunt Photography