Inaugural Brawl Results

The Grand Stand at the Pike County Fair on August 1st, 2012 was buzzing with well over 200 fans who witnessed history in the making, the debut of World’s Best Wrestling Inaugural Brawl!

The event kicked off with WBW Field Manager “Loony” Mike Horton introducing the current Revolutionary Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion bearing Old Glory “The Natural” Chad Cruise! Chants of USA, USA could be heard as everyone rose to their feet while a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem delivered by the lovely and talented Ms. Ashley Toller.

It was announced that the first match would be a special challenge “Flag Match” and as a stipulation, the RCW Heavyweight Championship would be on the line as well. The way to win this contest was to capture your opponent’s flag.  Just as Cruise’s opponent was being announced, the President of WBW, Dude Rock interrupted Loony to inform the crowd that Cruise’s opponent would be none other than the anti-American militant, Tyson Rogers and Rock stated he was confident that the RCW Championship would change hands and return to Tehran, Iran with Rogers.

A confident and cocky Tyson Rogers came to the ring proudly waving the Iranian Nation Flag to a chorus of boos that may have been heard all of the way back to the Middle East! But the boos turned to a loud ovation as Senior Official Steve Helphenstine called for the bell as Chad Cruise successfully captured the Iranian flag, threw it on the ground, and proudly waved Old Glory in the ring. An outraged Tyson Rogers bitterly complained to President Rock who awarded Rogers a spot in the WBW Championship Tournament.

The second match pitted the ever popular man from the dark side of the moon, Eclipso Powers against the flamboyant one, Captivating Corey Mason. Eclipso stunned Mason with a barrage of aerial assaults but the Captivating one’s craftiness prevailed as Corey Mason score a win with a pinfall.

The third match saw the area’s debut of two highly touted grapplers by the names of Lil C and Tom “The Brutal” Bellman. Lil C quickly got off on the wrong foot with the crowd and displayed a nasty attitude towards the fans and showed that he could back up that temperament in the ring. Brutal Bellman was quite a sight donning an orange streaked beard and orange body hair and quickly won the fans over. The match was back and forth until Referee Adam Fuson called for the bell after The Brutal one applied the Mandible Claw on Lil C for the victory.

The next contest was a first round match in the  WBW Championship tournament an the new Title Belt was brought to the ring by the lovely Ms. Amanda Napier. This match saw The Re-enforcer Devlin Anderson in a hard hitting brawl verses someone who he helped to train, the rising star Jason Legend. The fans were treated to one of the best matches that you will ever see as these two combatants fought with everything they had. In the end it was Devlin Anderson who prevailed and in a show of mutual respect Anderson hoisted Legend’s hand to honor Legend’s effort and the crowd showed their approval with a huge applause for both competitors.

The fifth match has been previously announced to be special Handicap match with the Lords of the Dance taking on The President of  WBW, Dude Rock. Rock also announced that if the LOTD was not victorious that he would invoke a special performance clause in their contract with WBW and release them from the company.

The LOTD came to the ring donning the traditional Lucha Libre masks, dancing, and having a good time with the fans while Rock was escorted to the ring by his wife Sharon Rock. Dude Rock took the microphone and announced that as promised on the World’s Best Wrestling Facebook page he has a little surprise for everyone and a “little” surprise it was as Rock brought out WrestleOhio’s V.L. Stricklett aka “The Mastermind” and his wife and WrestleOhio co-manager Sarah.  But the surprise was that The Mastermind wasn’t there just to manage but to participate in the match as well.

Loony reminded him that this was a Handicap match and therefore The Mastermind was ineligible to be in the match as it would not be a handicap match but Stricklett showed the crowd just why he is called The Mastermind by announcing that the LOTD would be the handicapped ones, giving the mic to Sarah who introduced the third member of Team Rock to the ring… the returning local legend TANK RUNYON!  The match saw a very dominant and strong Tank Runyon who had ringside fans extremely visibly enraged. The LOTD took a tremendous beating but using the advantage of the masks was able to pull out a very surprising upset victory that had Loony and the fans gloating at a very upset Team Rock.

The sixth match another 1st round  WBW Championship Tournament match as The Dark Child Matt Taylor battled the ever popular Flash Fury in a wild melee that saw the action spill over into the crowd as Taylor and Fury battled all over the Grandstand and into the bleachers! This was no doubt a 5-star match that ended in a double count-out.

The main event saw Relentless Ron Mathis challenge TNA Impact Star Robbie E to a dance-off first before their match. Both men took each other to their liits and the crowd was firmly behind Robbie E who wrestled to victory in a very exciting match that was the perfect end to a truly historic Debut of World’s Best Wrestling!

WBW would like to thank the great people of Pike County, the Pike County Fair Board and for welcoming us so warmly, and all the workers and support who helped make this a tremendous success.

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