Saturday Night Shootout Results

World’s Best Wrestling took part in Party at the Park: The Dirt Racing Connection Double Shot at the Moler Raceway Park in Williamsburg, OH on Saturday June 7,2014. What a night of action it was in front of a huge and rowdy crowd. If you weren’t there here is what you missed….

-The Opening contest seen two highly touted rookies battle it out in their WBW debut’s as Morimoto got the victory over Louie Perez via submission.

-The Mastermind of Wrestle Ohio came to the ring and announced that he brought in one of the baddest tag teams around as he introduced The Dirty South. Mastermind mind would go on to award the WBW Tag Team Titles to the Dirty South this brought out the re-instated and returning Eclipso. Eclipso stated that if his partner Jake Ashworth had been able to make the show that they would have the WBW Tag Titles and not the Dirty South. Eclipso went on to challenge either member of the Dirty South and it would be Lil C that stepped up to the plate. Lil C would go on to defeat Eclipso after Morimoto made his way to the ring to distract the referee allowing Trice and Lil C to double team Eclipso. Post match Dirty South and Morimoto went to beat Eclipso down and Louie Perez ran in to make the save.

-A 3 on 2 Handicap match was made for the main event. Eclipso & Louie Perez would defeat Morimoto & Dirty South w/ The Mastermind after Eclipso nailed Morimoto with a super kick.

WBW management has stated on the official Facebook page that The Dirty South are not recognized as the WBW Tag Team Champions. Also WBW management has stated that Lil C has been fined $1000 due to getting into a verbal altercation with a fan after a post match interview with the DRC. The post match interview can be seen below (caution coarse language):

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