WBW: Mayhem 2018 Winchester, Ohio Results

On Saturday, May 19th, 2018 World’s Best Wrestling presented Mayhem at the Red Barn Pavilion located in Winchester, OH.

The show kicked off with ring announcer Callie introducing the returning Jason Legend. Legend would stand in the ring proudly holding the American flag as Matthew Beha of EYH would sing the National Anthem. After Beha finished the anthem, Legend would stay in the ring as the crowd chanted “USA”. The Warlock ran through the crowd and attacked Legend when his back was turned. Ref Victor Bell would call for the bell and the first match of the evening was underway. Jason Legend defeated The Warlock via pinfall.

-Callie introduced WBW Heavyweight Champion “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson. Hutchinson would address the situation of who is the #1 contender for the Championship, “Die Hard” Tom McClane, Great American Beast & “The Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson would interrupt Hutchinson. McClane would once again demand his shot at the championship. Hutchinson let McClane know that he felt after what happened at Winter Heat in February that Anderson deserved another shot. Callie then informed the superstars that she received a text message from WBW Commissioner Loony, and that Anderson would get another shot at the WBW Heavyweight Championship. Anderson let McClane and Beast know that he wanted them to stay in the back during his match after they cost him the championship at Winter Heat. Callie went on to inform McClane and Beast that they would have a tag match and would face Vandal and “Midnite” Matt Ryan in a 1st round match in the WBW Tag Team Championship Tournament.

-“Prettyboy” Nathaniel Rose returned to WBW and would face the debuting Maxx Power. Power would defeat Rose via submission.

-G-Force defeated the debuting Chase Armstrong.

After Intermission Callie got the action started back up as she introduced the debuting McKinley. Before Callie could introduce his opponent, McKinley would grab the microphone and insult the people of Winchester. McKinley went on to say he was there to fight and challenged anyone in the locker room who was man enough to face him. Music hit and WBW crowd favorite “The Militant Marvel” Mark Magnum would accept the challenge. After a super competitive match McKinley showed his frustration of not being able to put Magnum away and would low blow Magnum. Ref Adam Fussion would call for the bell and disqualify McKinley. After the match McKinley would take his frustration out and beat Magnum down in the ring then outside the ring, leaving Magnum laying. Fussion was finally able to stop McKinley’s rampage and Magnum had to be helped back to the locker room.

-The Hard & Hairy Express (“Die Hard” Tom McClane & Great American Beast) w/Life Coach Gavin defeated Vandal & “Midnite” Matt Ryan in a 1st round match of the WBW Tag Team Championship Tournament.

-“Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson successfully defended the WBW Heavyweight Championship against “The Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson after Anderson was distracted by “Die Hard” Tom McClane, Great American Beast & Life Coach Gavin. After the match McClane and Beast would go on the attack but Hutchinson and Anderson would fight back. After the dust settled Anderson and Hutchinson showed their respect for one another and shook hands and Anderson would celebrated Hutchinson’s victory. McClane, Beast and Gavin weren’t done yet, while on the stage McClane let them know this wasn’t over and as it seemed the fans in Winchester was about to see a bonus tag match, McClane, Beast and Gavin left and headed back to the locker room.

WBW will return to Winchester, OH on Saturday, June 16th.

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